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Have you tried Yoga?

I’ve long been a fan of yoga pants, however Covid-19 lockdown allowed me time to try out yoga and experience some of its benefits. There are different types of yoga and associated benefits. I found Yoga with Adrien to be easy to follow and appreciated she created monthly calendars of practices. Since yoga with Adrien also has a free version with associated calendars, it fits in all budgets. Link to Yoga with Adrien calendars is provided below.

Free personality test

Do you want to discover your unique strengths and how to use them in your life and work? Take the free VIA Survey, the leading tool in positive psychology that measures 24-character strengths. You will get a personalized report that shows you how to apply your strengths in different situations. To take the survey, just create a free account and follow the instructions.

This is the strengths assessment mentioned in the happiness advantage book by Shawn Achor. The detailed reports will cost, however there is a free one to get you started.

Balance App

Due to the versatility of the balance app, you have probably heard me mention it many times in a session usually discussing personalized guided meditations experiences, improve stress management skills, improve sleep schedules, and sleep routines. I have also mentioned when discussing using things such as music to influence both focus and mood. I have in fact personally explored balance and you can try it for free for one year by clicking the link below to get started.

* Also, as I probably mentioned I would set a reminder 2 weeks in advance to remind you to cancel so that you aren’t charged by the app if you do not intend to keep it after your free year. Good luck on trying a new thing.


Also often mentioned in therapy with me is O*Net, I frequently speak about how back in my day it was all contained inside of a very excessively large book, and it was very intimidating now it’s available online to quickly and efficiently allow you to explore more than 900 occupations based on your interest. The interest profiler allows you to answer questions about your areas of interest and it will provide you a list of optional occupations for you to further explore providing information about basic understandings of what the occupation entailed some particular job options as well as education or certification requirement. This is just one way that O*Net can be used it’s also useful for people who are transitioning out of the military or interested in pursuing a career in the military and looking to see where they may fit most comfortably based on their interest. So, if you are exploring options for careers or just trying to figure out what things you may be good at for your board entirely scrolling on TikTok head over to O net and see what you can find out about yourself. The link is provided below: