Therapy Sessions

You may be wondering what kind of services are offered, if I take insurance, if I am easy to talk to… Well. I offer outpatient counseling for older adolescents and adults, in the area of Mental Health (Anger, Anxiety, depression, bipolar… things like that) and Substance use and abuse (misuse of medications, addiction, relapse presentation… and things like that). Because I can deal these things together or separate, I am considered a dual credentialed therapist.

Other information:

– Therapy sessions last 45 to 60 minutes. Usually they are weekly to start and can be adjusted as needed.

-Payment is due at time of appointment. Ivy Pay is HIPAA compliant and can store card for current and future payments. Can except most Credit, Debit, and HSA cards.

-Being in network with your insurance provides you with a discounted rate from full fee. You may be responsible for your discounted rate until you meet your deductible.